Thursday, July 30, 2009

4 Little Fairies....

After Jenna dressed up in a fairy outfit for photos with Jodi, I just knew I would have to borrow some fairy costumes for July. Jodi was so nice to let me borrow 4 costumes...and after a morning of hair and makeup (courtesy of Brenda and Jill) the 4 little fairies loaded into the van and headed to the woods for a photo shoot. The girls all loved their costumes and had so much fun playing fairy and letting me snap photos.
Jodi - THANKS so much for letting us borrow the costumes. The girls had so much fun and won't forget their fairy day with their cousins.
Mom/Grandma - The girls wanted to surprise you with these fairy photos. I don't think any of them slipped and mentioned it to you. We will definitely be getting you copies of photos of your 4 fairy girls!
PS Be kind in your critique of the actual photos - Lighting in the woods is very, very tricky! :)

Brenda,Carsyn and Payton....
Jenna and I...Jill and Mia...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Becca and Gabby

I was introduced to these two sweet sisters when I photographed their family this past fall. I was so excited when Mine contacted me to do more photos of them. They are too sweet and are so fun to photograph...especially with their big brown eyes!

Jackson, Zachary, and Benjamin

These three boys are quickly becoming some of my most photographed kids! They are always so fun to work with and always entertaining. This time we met back at the same park where I had shot some photos of them in the fall. I love how each of their personalities shows in the photos!
My sister Jill and Vickie - they have been best friends forever!
Jill's son Luke and Vickie's son Jackson....second generation buddies!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cheryl & Nathan

I was so fortunate to be a part of Cheryl and Nathan's wedding. I helped Cheryl and her mom with a lot of the planning over the past few months and it was so fun to see it all come together. Cheryl had a vision of what she wanted her wedding to be and it all came together perfectly. It was such a fun wedding - from the colors, to the people involved, to the decorations, to the laid back feeling of the whole day. I've spent so much time with both Cheryl and her family over the past year so it was extra easy to photograph this wedding - everything just clicked!

Congratulations Cheryl and Nathan! I'll miss you lots!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back to reality....

As we were leaving the beach on Saturday morning, I saw a sign that said "Leaving Topsail Island....Resume normal behavior". That pretty much said it all for me. We had a great week with the Chiles' at Topsail Island....but now we are back to reality in Van Wert. Our house was right on the beach and we squeezed in every minute of beach time we could. I know I have said this before, but I was meant to live on the beach. I love the sounds, the smells, the ocean breeze, the sand, and most of all the laid back pace. I even feel better health-wise when I'm at the beach (well....except for all the stairs leading to the beach house). I managed to spend lots of time in my beach chair reading 5 books, watching the kids play, soaking up the sun, and even sneaking in some naps.

Of course I have lots of fun beach photos to share...but I also have to start working on all the photos I took BEFORE we even left (Cheryl's wedding, Brenda and Jill's visit, and 2 photo sessions). I'll be updating the blog lots, so keep checking for photo sharing!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So many little time....

In the past week and a half I managed to take around 2100 photos. Shocking, isn't it?

Photos of....

  • Cheryl and Nathan's wedding
  • fairy dress up in the woods
  • a trip to Grandma L's
  • Jenna's tumbling birthday party
  • a trip to Lake Erie and the beach
  • a photo session with Jackson, Zachary, and Benjamin
  • a photo session with Becca and Gabby
  • the kids and cousins swimming
  • the kids and cousins hanging out at Grandpa and Grandma's
  • a trip to the cupcake store
  • and probably lots more things I'm forgetting!

It's killing me that I don't have time right now to sit down and start editting them, but packing for the beach and getting our house cleaned up are my top priorities right now. Who knows? Maybe I'll get a super boost of energy tomorrow and get everything done and still have time to sit down and do a little editting. Just be sure to check back in a week for LOTS of photo sharing.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Miss Jenna

Just sharing more photos from Jenna's eight year old photos. She is always willing to be my little model - even in the hot, hot sun! Sorry for the photo overload....I just happen to think she is extra cute and extra photogenic!