Sunday, January 27, 2008

Basketball photos - part 2

I'm slowly getting the hang of taking basketball photos. These were all from last Saturday's game. I sat right under the basket again...which is a great place to take photos. Luckily Jacob doesn't even seem to notice that I'm there. I plan to keep practicing over the next few weeks of games, so I'm sure you'll be seeing even more basketball photos in the weeks to come.

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Photo-less Update

I figured I'd better update since I haven't posted a new entry for a while. No photos today though. I have some on my computer...ready to be shared...but no time today....just a quick update.

-I'm tired of the FREEZING cold! Today was one of those days that hurt when you breathed! It was 10 degrees when I came to school. The weather TV at school says -5....which actually warmer than last weekend when it said -29!! My classroom is way too cold for me. I'm ready for a little warmer weather. I'm so glad Mom and Dad got us new flannel sheets for Christmas. We've definitely used them!!

-I have decided to have a basketball-free weekend. Chris has games tonite and tomorrow night and Jacob has a game tomorrow. Jenna and I are headed to Columbus tonite to stay with Mom and Dad (Dad has to judge in Columbus tomorrow). Tomorrow Mom, Jenna and I are shopping. I'm ready for a basketball break.

-This morning Jacob and I downloaded an 80s song for him to take to enrichment class. They are studying different composers and last week they learned about Mozart. So...we downloaded "Rock Me Amadeus" (please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers or knows that song) for him. We listened to it on the way to school this morning and I've been singing it all day!

-I have more basketball photos of Jacob to share...but I've just been too lazy and/or busy to put them on my blog. I'll try to do that on Sunday after our Columbus trip. I was excited with how these turned out. I'm slowly getting it!

-Jacob had a great game last weekend. He really had fun playing! He had some great passes and scored 10 points. It was fun to watch!!

-I'm so glad American Idol is back on so I have something to watch. It's definitely time for the writer's strike to end. The first episodes are my favorites. Is it wrong that we laugh at people because they are such horrible, horrible singers? If anyone else is watching...I think my favorite bad singer so far was the "Let my people go..." guy that sang on the first night. He was BAD!!


Monday, January 21, 2008

A Jenna-ism...

As Jenna would say.... "Happy Martha Luthen King Day".

We're staying home...inside where it is warm! I'm going to scrapbook....the kids are having friends over to play....Chris is going to catch up on basketball/school work ....supper is in the crock pot....It should be a good day!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The best show and tell ever....

Jenna loves the boys across the street. Craig is a grad student at OU and Bret is a college freshman at Methodist College in NC. They are so good to Jenna and Jacob...and so patient with them. They always make sure they come and say hi when they get home from college...and always come over before they leave. Jacob likes both boys...but Jenna truly adores them. Craig and Bret were both home for Christmas, so the kids got to spend some time with them. Craig even made them banana pancakes on one of our snow days!

Right before Craig came home at Thanksgiving time, Jenna was trying to decide what to take for show and tell...and then said she wished she could take Craig or Bret. I later told Craig and Bret that story. On the night before Craig left to go back to school, he stopped over and visited. At one point he asked Jenna what she was taking for show and tell the next day...and then said he would be her show and tell. SO...the next morning Craig came to school (which happens to be the same elementary school he attended) and went to kindergarten to be Jenna's show and tell. She explained who he was, where he went to school, and why she brought him in. He even took time to answer some questions and talk to the kids. Of course, I snuck down to take some photos. She was so excited!!!

Later, Jenna wrote Craig a thank you letter to send to him at OU. It said:
Dear Craig,
Thank you for being my show and tell. I am glad you could make it. You were the best show and tell ever. I wish you were still in Van Wert. I miss you.
From, Jenna

Here are some photos of the best show and tell ever.....can you tell she's nervous???

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It's basketball season again for Jacob. He is playing Upward basketball this year (he's played at the Y the past several years) and so far he really likes it. He has had two games and scored in both games. They don't technically keep score (which drives Jacob nuts), so we keep score ourselves. His team won the first game and lost the second game. Basketball photos are one of the biggest headaches for me. The lighting is always terrible, the players are in constant motion, the referees are always in the way....I just haven't been able to get good basketball photos. This year I did some research on what lens and settings to use, and my photos turned out a little better. I still need more practice though. Here are just a few from last Saturday's game.

He got fouled and got to shoot 2 foul shots...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pop star!

Here are photos from Jenna's make over at Libby Lu's yesterday. She chose the pop star look. She loved her hair style and now wants me to do her hair like that. Hmmm....I may need some practice!

The BEFORE photo (taken in the mall parking lot - nice!)...

First stop....nails (pink and glittery) and makeup (eyeshadow, lip gloss, and some glitter)...

And then hair..... LOTS of bobby pins...LOTS of hairspray...and LOTS of glitter....

Waiting for her pop star head set...
The finished look....she was obviously VERY pleased with her makeover....(love this photo!)And the AFTER photos (in the parking lot again...she said we had to take them at the same place as the BEFORE photos)...

Thanks again Uncle Bob and Aunt Celesta for the Libby Lu's gift card. It was a HUGE hit!!

Old School....

I saw this link on someone else's blog ( really does pay to be a blog stalker!)....and had to share it. When I saw the photos and read the descriptions I was laughing out loud...partly because I know enough about photography to just roll my eyes at these photos (I'm a photo snob, right Lori???)...and partly because I have first hand experience with family photos like these. If I get adventurous, I may even dig up some FABULOUS 1970s Davis family photos to share. Click HERE for a walk down memory lane with some amazing Olan Mills portraits.

PS I apologize in advance if you are offended at all by the comments or some of the language....but I just had to share the photos!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008 was a good day, wasn't it??

Yes, was a good day! I love Saturdays like this. This morning I slept in and then took my time getting ready before going to Jacob's basketball game at noon. Chris' parents, Becca, and his uncle Bob and aunt Celesta also came to Jacob's game, so it was fun to sit and visit with everyone and cheer Jacob on. (I took some photos but haven't uploaded them looking for them in the next couple days.) Then Jenna and I headed to Ft Wayne to spend her gift card at Libby Lu's. She had decided to get a make-over at Libby Lu's rather than just buy things. She chose the pop star makeover. - complete with a headset microphone..and loved every second of it! They did her makeup, nails, and hair and then she got a cute drawstring backpack and got to pick out 5 things to go in her backpack. (I took photos of her make-over too and will share them soon!) Then we went to Macy's where I tried on a billion pair of jeans and actually found a brand that wasn't too long on me (so sad when even petite jeans are too long!) I bought 2 pair. I also found a cute brown jacket that Jenna insisted looked good on me, so I had to get it! No trip to Ft Wayne would be complete without a trip to Target...and today we went to 2 different Target stores! YIKES! We hit the dollar spot in Target #1 and found some cute Valentine's day things, including an adorable brown/white polka dot apron with white ball fringe. I'll look so cute in my brown kitchen (again...Jenna insisted that I had to get it. I just couldn't pass it up for $2.50!). After picking up a few more things , I went to get another stool for our kitchen counter...but they were out. was off to Target #2! At Target #2 we bought the stool and also found a few more goodies - like new rubbermaid type containers for leftovers (Brenda I got the salad one...I love it!), and cropped sweats for me and Jenna. Then we hit McDonald's drive thru (a happy meal for Jenna and sweet tea for me!) before driving home. When we got back to VW we stopped by Chris' parents' so Jenna could show off her makeover and then went to show Ryan, Becca, and Debby (Ryan's mom). While we were there they let Jenna play Hannah Montana game on their Wii (Brenda - Carsyn would LOVE it!). Finally it was time to come home...where I'm about to go curl up on the couch and watch a Lifetime movie. Yes Jenna, it was a good day!

PS Just so you don't think we purposely left Chris and Jacob out of our good day.....they are at Bryan tonite for a basketball game. Jenna and I just didn't feel like going to an away game. :)

Please sit back and enjoy the music....

HOW FUN! Thanks Kara for the info on how to add music to my blog. I just wish I would have known about it at Christmas. How fun would Christmas music be? I can't wait to see if everyone else tries and what they add!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Elliott's

Ooops - I forgot I had one more set of Texas photos. Brenda wanted an updated family photo and we decided to be different and try family photos on their bed. They have an awesome bed with a really neat piece of unique artwork above the bed....and their room has lots of space and great natural light - so it just seemed like the perfect place. Family photos with a 14 year old, 4 year old, and 2 year old aren't the easiest. Luckily everyone was pretty cooperative. Payton wanted to be on the move and didn't want to sit still and pose. I wasn't sure if I would get any good shots where Payton wasn't a blur...but somehow I managed to get a few fun photos.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


This is the last of my Texas of Mia! I had plans while I was there to take her outside or into her room and snap a bunch of 9 month photos for her...and then I totally forgot. What is wrong with me?? Actually, the goal of my trip to Texas was to not walk around with my camera attached to me constantly and to take time to actually relax, visit, and enjoy my trip. I did manage to sneak in a few fun photos here and there though (and Jill...I am totally available to come do her 1 year photos!!).

Just a few of my favorites of Miss Mia..

Love those big blue eyes, little front teeth, and the yucky nose (she was getting her top teeth in while we were there)...

One of my favorites....
She sat like this all the time while we were there - feet crossed and her big toes sticking was too cute!

Hanging out with Jacob and Jenna....
Cuddle time with Jacob (who had been crying because he didn't want to leave everyone!)...
Standing with Aunt Brenda ...

LOVE this one! All the granddaughters have gotten a doll like this from Grandpa and Grandma on their first Christmas. Mia loved her new baby!
More favorites....Mia was just sitting and playing, and I was snapping photos...and then she got upset and wanted picked up. I love her long eyelashes and little nose! The second one is another favorite....

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Probably one of my most favorite parts about visiting Texas is the cousin time. I love watching the kids interact. No matter how much time has passed, they always pick up right where they left off...and this time was no exception.

*Learning all Luke's new "catch phrases", which they proudly now repeat over and over in their daily conversations - things like "knuckle head", "booty", "nunu head", "word up", "whatever", and the ever popular "chicken nugget head".
*Repeating one of Payton's cutest phrases "I do-ed (pronounced dude) it!"
*They loved telling Chris all kinds of cousin stories and laughed out loud as they told some of them.
*Jacob and Marcus had lots of fun babysitting Luke and Mia while Jill and I went to see a movie (27 Dresses ....we loved it! If you've ever been a bridesmaid and had to wear a not so appealing dress, you need to see this movie!)
*Ice skating (enough said!)
*Shopping at IKEA
*Cousin sleep overs
*Going to see the Christmas lights at BLORA
*Playing with and feeding Mia
*Just being able to spend time with each other!

Here are just a few of my favorite cousin photos from our visit....

All the cousins (not an easy task to get them all cooperating and looking at the camera...but I did it!)...

Marcus and Jacob playing with Jenna and Luke's leapsters...

Luke and Jenna teaching Marcus the rules of Leapster....
Love these photos of Carsyn and Mia...especially the second one ....

Ready for the hot tub....

As I went through my photos I noticed how many I had of Jenna and Carsyn. They have so much fun together...and it really, really makes me wish we lived closer. I just can't talk Chris into it though. :)

And my favorite....