Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas Day

Next stop on the Christmas tour....Christmas Day at our house with the Covey/Baxter sides of the family. We all got together for food, presents, more food, and socializing. It's always lots of fun! Looking back at the photos I took, I realized how totally random they were....and for some reason everyone ended up with evil red eyes. (I did my best to fix them !)

Our tree with a MOUNTAIN of presents around it. I think half of these belonged to Jenna!
Sitting and patiently waiting to open gifts....
Jenna and Grandma...Chris' Dad.....don't ask!!! :)
Hannah Montana (aka Chris' cousin Megan)...
Ryan and Becca....Chris' parents...
Jenna and Lauren (Chris' cousin) playing HSM Sing it...

1 comment:

Aunt CC said...

re; Ryan and Becca
True Love, just being together!!!!!
Sorry, Chris and Becca, your dad will never grow up!!!!!
Love the hair, Megan!!
Enjoy reading and seeing about your side of the family, Amy!

Happy New Year to you all!
Aunt CC