Sunday, January 27, 2008

Basketball photos - part 2

I'm slowly getting the hang of taking basketball photos. These were all from last Saturday's game. I sat right under the basket again...which is a great place to take photos. Luckily Jacob doesn't even seem to notice that I'm there. I plan to keep practicing over the next few weeks of games, so I'm sure you'll be seeing even more basketball photos in the weeks to come.


Brenda said...

those are great! he is so cute...he looks like a little pro out there!

Jill said...

I love his face on the last one, just waiting for the ball to drop to him!

Anonymous said...

These really came out good. Keep taking more so we can "watch him" through pictures. MOM

aunt nancy said...

I like the jump caught in mid air!

Aunt CC said...

Wish Uncle Bob and I could attend more of your games! So glad that you enjoy and are learning so much about the sport! Great Grandma Covey would have been so excited to watch!

She loved basketball!
Aunt CC