Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Eve

For the first time in a long, long time (maybe my whole life??) we didn't have any where we had to be on Christmas Eve. Because our family is so spread out and because we still get together with our extended families, we usually have a family get together planned for Christmas Eve....but not this year. We spent the day relaxing and getting some last minute things done for our Christmas Day get together and later went to the Christmas Eve service at church. These are our traditional stand-in-front- of-the-tree-on-Christmas-Eve photos. My family loves doing these! HA!

PS Hi to my cousin Lisa! I know you are stalking ...but leaving no comments. :) Someday we'll get you to make your own blog so we have one more to stalk.


Anonymous said...

all good pics - but I especially like the close-up of Jenna and Jacob! Aunt Barb

Aunt Nancy said...

Very nice. Where's that tree? We always have to yell, "Don't change your clothes" so we can get a picture of us looking somewhat decent.

Amy said...

That's our our family room. :)