Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jeremy & Ella | Engagement

Earlier this month I spent a sunny Sunday afternoon taking engagement pictures of Jeremy and Ella. These two have the sweetest relationship! It was so fun to spend the afternoon with them and be able to capture a photos of them together. I can't wait until their wedding this weekend!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Back at it....

Most of you know that Jacob broke his ankle pretty severely right before Christmas. It has been a long, slow, frustrating healing process for him with a few setbacks. During Spring Break he was finally cleared for activity....right in time for baseball season. Baseball has always been Jacob's favorite sport and it has become my favorite sport to watch him play. This year he is playing on the Van Wert 7th grade club baseball team and will move on to Pony League this summer. I'm not a huge fan of the cold, windy, rainy spring baseball weather we have in Ohio....but I love being able to watch Jacob finally get back at it and play sports again!

Jacob usually plays 2nd base...

Attempting a diving catch....he almost had it! (It will take me a while before I stop gasping when he does something like this....I'm still so worried about that ankle!!)

Saturday, April 09, 2011


This is Jenna's 7th year of dance and her 2nd year being a competition dancer. She is taking 3 classes this year, 2 of them are competition dances. Jazz - this is such a cute dance! They dance to "Wake Me Up" and she dances on the bed several times. I am helping out as a team mom this year, so I spend a lot of my time backstage. All of these pictures were taken back stage during their competition in Van Wert last weekend She's the first one to pop up out of bed....

Tap - This year her tap class dresses like little old men/women for their dance. It is such a fun dance! Jenna happens to be a little old man - too cute! They have won judges awards for "most entertaining" at both dance competitions.

She is also taking Contemporary dance this year. This isn't a competition dance, but she got to show off her costume (which happens to be her favorite) this week for dance photos.

Thursday, April 07, 2011