Saturday, April 07, 2007

We're home....and ready to go back already!

We're home from Texas....and ready to go back. It's not much fun to leave warm, sunny weather and come home to 28 degrees and snow flurries! What happened to spring?!?! We had a great time in Texas....and already miss everyone. I have lots and lots of pictures to share - as soon as I find time to get them off the memory cards and onto my computer. Be sure to check back in the next few days for Texas photos. In the meantime, here's some of the highlights of our trip:

  • meeting baby Mia and snuggling with her - she's so soft and cuddly
  • fun cousin time for Jacob and Jenna
  • lots and lots of photo opportunities
  • relaxing in Brenda's hot tub
  • watching "The Hills" with someone rather than alone like I usually do
  • shopping
  • getting a pedicure with Jill
  • finally getting to see bluebonnets - I love them!
  • taking photos in the bluebonnets (241 photos to be exact! YIKES!)
  • dying easter eggs with the kids
  • ant bites (one of the hazards of kneeling in the bluebonnets to take photos)- it just wouldn't be a trip to Texas without ant bites!
  • eating at Jason's Deli - one of our favorite Texas restaurants
  • WARM weather (which meant wearing flip flops and capris!!)
  • going to Chuck E Cheese with 7 kids!
  • drinking sweet tea
  • having an easter egg hunt at Jill's
  • sister time
  • having Luke SMILE at me when I took photos - YEA!!!
  • shopping at IKEA - WOW....I could get addicted to that store
  • more photos ( I told you I took a lot)
  • cousin sleep overs
  • Jenna visiting Aunt Brenda's school and getting to go to cheerleading practice (Brenda - tell Jennifer B. thanks...Jenna had a ball!!!)
  • $5 ready-to-go pizzas - BRILLIANT idea!!
  • Jacob and Luke going to a high school baseball game with Uncle Marc


Jill said...

dont' feel too bad about leaving the TX it is 43 and raining, and only getting colder! can't wait to see mia and luke's photos!!

Brenda said...

43? actually according to our thermometer it is 35. and we actually saw snow this morning. unbelievable. carsyn actually asked if santa was coming.

Nancy said...

Glad you're safely home and had a great time. I'll be checking for those pix.

Jill said...

well, i wrote that comment this morning in bryan... now we're home, and have been out playing for an hour in 29 degrees, and about 3-4 inches of snow!