Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Party time

I am so far behind on posting photos....I just realized I never posted any photos from Jenna's birthday party (which was a month ago!). This year Jenna wanted to have her party at Flip Tuck - the gymnastics center where she tumbles. It was a great location - the kids all had a ball trying out all the equipment and tumbling and I didn't have to have a party at my house for a change. Jenna's cousins were able to be at her party, which made her extra happy!


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had fun! Why aren't there any pics of the adults on the eqipmnet?

Aunt Barb

Jill said...

she sure was intent on that birthday wish! did it come true??

aunt nancy said...

Fun! I thought the same about Jenna's wish. They all look so cute, and I see Jacob was a good sport. How about Mia in that leotard getting in position?