Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ten on Tuesday....

1. We've been in school for a little over a week. Things are going well in my classroom....just trying to work through a few bugs in my schedule. I didn't add any new students over the summer, so I was able to jump right in and get started since my students all continue to work with me from grade to grade.

2. Jenna and Jacob are both doing really well with school so far too. They've done pretty well adjusting to the school schedule and getting up early (except for this morning....LOTS of grumbling). Jacob has adjusted really well to middle school. I'm glad the transition is going well for him. I have some strong memories of middle school and some of the bullying and put downs that went on. I don't want him to have to go through that. He has a good group of friends - and we are really happy about that!

3. Jenna is loving 2nd grade so far. Her best friend happens to be in the same classroom, so she was extra excited about that. When I ask her about school, she loves to talk about recess....I guess that is her social personality coming out.

4. Jenna and I both have a new friend at school this year. I have been working with a ESL student who speaks very, very little english - she didn't even know how to say her name in English on the first day. She is also in Jenna's class and sits next to Jenna so she can be a "buddy" to her. I was a little overwhelmed about where to even start with her, but I have been amazed out how quickly she has learned things over the past week. It would be helpful if I could speak even a few words of Chinese, but somehow we are communicating with lots of inventive sign language, pictures, pointing, and facial expressions!

5. I can't believe how cool it has been over the past week. Usually we are absolutely melting during the first week of school - especially since we have no air conditioning in our building. It has been so nice not having blazing hot days! I would be happy if it just stayed this temperature year round!

6. It's almost fair time. The fair starts tomorrow, but we haven't gotten our passes yet. We've been debating how many to get. Last year we really didn't go as often as we usually do. I guess the novelty of the fair is finally wearing off for me. I can't just sit home and NOT go though. I have to get my usualy fair food fixes and find a good bench to sit and people watch for a while!

7. Our basement remodeling project is coming along. As of last night Chris finished round one of mudding and taping the dry wall. Another coat of mud and then we can start painting.

8. Since our basement project is moving along, we went furniture shopping on Saturday night. We ordered the couch, chair, and ottoman and also a table/chairs. We still have a little bit more furniture shopping to do and also need to pick out carpet. I'm excited to see if all come together!

9. One of the things I'm most excited about in our basement is the space that will be my room. I will have a room closed off with french doors for my scrapbooking/photography. I've been doing lots of research trying to find ideas and finally have a plan for what I want. I can't wait for my own little space.

10. Lots of sickness going around school already. UGH! Since I don't seem to have the strongest immune system, I'm just hoping I can stay healthy as long as possible. I just can't get sick right now!



Anonymous said...

I guess there is no chance the new TV will be ready to go for the Ohio State game on Saturday. Dad

aunt nancy said...

I'm glad everyone's adjusting to being back in school. This is our day 2 and I'm exhausted. J and K started at Fremont Head Start today. It's full time through the end of Oct. for the migrant workers' kids. I'm with you on the weather. This is great!!