Monday, January 18, 2010

Devin {9 days old}

A week ago I got to take photos of baby Devin! This session was purchased for Josh and Sami as a shower gift (THANKS KARI!!)...and I was so excited to finally meet them and their brand new baby. He couldn't have been more perfect! He was just the sweetest thing and was so cooperative for photos. I even got a little smile out of him. His parents were just as sweet! The three of them make the perfect little could just see how in love they are with their baby boy! I'm always a little nervous to meet brand new clients, but Josh and Sami made everything so easy!

Josh and Sami - THANK YOU so much for inviting me into your home to capture photos of your sweet baby boy and your new family of 3!

I have a lot of "favorites" from this session....and this is one of them! Devin slept most of the session, but woke up at the end for some bright eyed photos.

My absolute favorite - look at that little smile!!

I love capturing photos of brand new families - you can just feel the love!
LOVE tiny baby feet! I just can't do a newborn session without taking baby feet photos.
Another favorite....look at those perfect little features!


Michelle said...

Great job Amy...they are beautiful! ;0)

Deb said...

Precious pictures!

cheryl said...

he's just perfect. makes me not want to wait ANOTHER DAY! can't wait till you are hear photographing baby A!!! :D :D
you are amazing. they are so lucky to have amy original photos of him. :)

aunt nancy said...

Those are so sweet! I also like the big yawn in the feet picture.

Anonymous said...

So adorable. MOM