Sunday, May 16, 2010

40 candles....

It's official....I had my birthday on Friday and turned 40. I have to admit, I was not really looking forward to it...but thanks to my friends and family, it turned out to be a great day.

I started my morning bright and early when the tornado siren went off at 1:30am and the four of us spent an hour in the basement. Not a great start to the day....but luckily it got much, much better!

  • Lots and lots of Happy Birthday wishes from the kids at school.
  • Beautiful flowers from my mom and dad delivered to school.
  • A colorful planter for my patio from my teacher's aide.
  • An Archiver's gift card from my friends at school.
  • A balloon bouquet from Becca and Ryan delivered to school.
  • Packages in the mail from both of my sisters...with lots of bling, zebra stripes, and pink!!
  • Cards (some with surprises in them) from my family and friends.
  • Lots of birthday wishes via facebook, text messages, and email.
  • A surprise get together with our basketball "family" and neighbors organized by Chris (and I was surprised!!) - lots of good food, laughing, and visiting!
  • Finding out that Jacob made student council for next year!
  • Finding out that Chris was selected as a "teacher who made a difference" by one of the top 5 students of this year's graduating class.
  • Jacob winning his baseball game Saturday
  • Delicious dinner and dessert with the Chiles' at Club Soda on Saturday night followed by a movie.

I have no pictures from the weekend....but I do have a few "flashback photos" from birthdays past!

1 year old with my Aunt Barb (we share a birthday).....

5 years old with my sister Brenda....

8 years old with my dad....


Anonymous said...

These are great, I was wishing last week that I had a copy of the picture of you and Barb to send you and here it is. Lots of good memories. Wish we could have shared in person but glad you had such a great day and start to your 40s. Mom

Anonymous said...

Also notice a lot of "marble cakes with chocolate frosting" Did anyone make that for you this year? MOM

Jill said...

love those photos... i need to get some of me from home! glad everything was so great for you, and that you still got to go out to dinner saturday too!

aunt nancy said...

Sounds like you had a great b'day! I love the pix. Tell Jacob and Chris that I'm proud of both of them.

Deb said...

Love the flashback pictures! So glad you chose us to help you celebrate Saturday night! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I feel honored to be included in your birthday blog! Glad to hear you had a joyful day :) Aunt Barb

Brenda said...

Man, i miss those glasses in the last photo...they were cool...and so was I when I was three...and so was dad with his sideburns!