Monday, June 07, 2010


It's official....we have a teenager in the house! Jacob turned 13 on Friday. I really can't believe he is 13 already. It's gone way too fast.

He spent most of his birthday weekend playing baseball with the all star team in a tournament. He did a great job fielding and hitting. If fact, they were undefeated in the tournament and ended up winning the championship game. The best part was that they got brand new mountain bikes for winning the tournament - a bonus birthday gift for him!! (and I was a bad mom and didn't take my camera to the no pictures. What was I thinking???)


Jill said...

I still can't believe he's a teenager. I miss him, and wish I'd get to see him this week! Did our package ever arrive?

aunt nancy said...

A teenager - can't believe it! Did everyone on the team get a bike? To cool! I hope we get to see the young man this summer.