Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cross Country

Jacob is on the 7th grade Cross Country team this year. He originally decided to participate in Cross Country to stay in shape for basketball this winter. His team has done really well and has finished first in all but one meet so far this year.

His first meet was at Wayne Trace, where is was way too hot - but he did his best, kept running and finished the race!

The second meet was in Columbus Grove and was so much cooler! He improved his time by almost a minute from the first to the second meet!

Crestview was their fourth meet (Tiffin was their third - and he improved his time by another 40+ seconds!). He continued to run at about the same pace, and although he didn't improve his time, he only added a couple seconds.

His goal is to be under 17 minutes, which means he will have improved from his first meet time by 2 minutes. This weekend he ran in Ottawa (no pictures this week) and looked really good. Chris ran all over the course encouraging him and Jenna and I were near the finish line cheering him on. He was so close and ended up with an official time of 17:09 (although we think the time is off by a couple seconds - his coach even thought it was a little lower). He's so close to his goal and we are so proud of how hard he has worked!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jake. You are so close and we know you can meet your goal. Keep up the good work. We are very proud of you. Grandma D.

Anonymous said...

I'm SSSOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD of Jake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!as well as very ,very impressed!!!!!!!!! becca

aunt nancy said...

I need a rest after looking at those pix. You can see he's pushing really hard. Keep it up, Jacob! Glad my kids played sports where I could sit to watch.

Jill said...

That so great that he's improving that much already! Maybe I should join a cross country team.... He looks so grown up in those pictures. Makes me sad to be missing out on cheering him on.

Brenda said...

Good for him...we should all try so hard to run! He looks so much like Chris in some of those photos!

cheryl said...

he looks WAY too grown up. :(