Friday, September 09, 2011

Totally Awesome Photo Session

For the past several years, I have done a themed photo session with Jenna and her cousin Carsyn. It started when Carsyn was 1 and Jenna was 3. We bought them matching dresses and took them to a local photographer to take photos of them together. After that first session, I became the photographer and we seem to have taken photos of them in matching outfits of some type almost each summer since. This summer while they were visiting Ohio we started brainstorming what type of session we could do this time. We came up with a lot of fun ideas, but decided to go all out and did an 80s photo session. We had so much fun shopping for 80s accessories (who knew neon accessories, net gloves, and even banana clips would be so easy to find) and quickly came up with their outfits. By the time their hair was crimped and they were dressed, they seemed to have embraced the "Valley Girl" attitude and were ready for their photo moment! I love how the photos turned out......and love that they will have such fun photos as memories of their cousin time together this summer!!

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hey aster photography said...

this definitely brings me back. :) Made me smile, Happy monday!!