Saturday, August 18, 2007

Photo-palooza Part 5

While Brenda and the kids were visiting, we spent several days at my parents. While we were there, we spent a day at my Uncle Sudsy and Aunt Nancy's house on Lake Erie. We love going to their house since they live right on the lake and have their own beach (of course we like visiting with them, too...we don't just love them for their beach!). My Grandma D, Aunt Barb, and cousin Lori also joined us at the beach. We had a great time relaxing on the beach while the kids swam, kayaked, played in the sand, and rode the jet ski (even my 90 year old Grandma rode the jet ski with my Dad! I just hope I can still do that at 90!!) . Later we had a cookout and then headed back down to the beach for a little more swim and sand time before heading back to Stow.

I took a billion beach I'll have to split them up into multiple be sure to check the posts that follow this one to see all our beach fun! THANKS AGAIN to Sudsy and Nancy for letting us invade your house and your beach. We had a GREAT time!!


Anonymous said...

Great photos. I just got some copies made of mine today and have a 2 of the "Attack of the Mermonsters". MOM

Anonymous said...

Oh- grandma is too cute! I want to be just like her. She probably could ride the jet ski better than I could! Vickie

Amy said...

That would be "It's Grandma" to you Vickie. :)

PS If you read this me sometime and let me know when/what you're thinking about photos for the boys...that is, if you're serious about me trying photos of them.

Anonymous said...

Oh trust me- I know "its grandma"- I love that woman! I will email you about the kids pictures because I definately want you to do them- as long as you are up for the challenge or should I say nightmare! I will email you later today. I am getting ready to take Jackson to the ENT to see about getting more tubes put in his ears. He has had 4 ear infections in the last 4 months since the last tubes fell out! Vickie

Nancy said...

We really enjoyed having everyone here. Of course, the pix are great! Are you coming back this summer? Good luck with the start of school!