Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fog Day!!

We woke up to heavy fog this morning, which meant a 2 hour school delay. Eventually the 2 hour delay turned into a 3 hour delay/extended day....which then turned into a cancellation....and then the sun came out and the fog went away. It happens every time! I won't complain though....I really needed a catch up day at home! I've gotten lots done, the kids played, and Chris golfed. Later I have my 2nd senior photo session! I'll be sure to post photos from it (and the first session) soon.

While everyone was off playing, I went outside and played with my camera. It sure looks like a fog day, doesn't it?!?!


Aunt Barb said...

Happy fog day! We had fog, but not enough to delay. I am eager to see your senior photos:)

Anonymous said...

We had a little fog and the preschoolers were talking about what fog was and I thought to myself, if this was VW we would have a fog delay/cancellation. And you did!! MOM

Nancy said...

Ok, Ms. Wizard, why does your area get so much fog? You'd think we'd get a lot by the lake, but we don't. I'm glad you all enjoyed it, and worry about those snow days later. That tree is beautiful. Our leaves haven't turned that much yet.
GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!