Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stan Hywet - part 2

Stan Hywet is having a treehouse exhibit through the end of the month. Scattered around the grounds of Stan Hywet are 11 treehouses for kids to explore. The treehouses were built by NE Ohio Architects, so some of them were pretty elaborate. We saw 8 treehouses...and we covered most of the grounds. The other 3 houses must be well hidden because we never saw them!

Pirate ship:

Musical treehouse- lots of things to bang on and play!
"Pan pipe" treehouse...our guess is that it makes noise when the wind blows across the tops of the pipes
Jacob and Jenna loved this one...AND it was for sale!!

Funky geometric shapes and bright colors...
This wasn't technically a treehouse, but it was counted as a treehouse when I looked up the info online. This was a giant spider web strung between two trees. It's kind of hard to tell, but it was made of bottle caps, beads, and pull tabs from cans. There was also a giant spider made of crushed cans.
The "Hobbit" house
They loved this house! You entered on the top level and then it had a ladder so you could climb all the way down to the bottom!

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Jill said...

Those are cool! Not sure how great the giant spider would go over with me, as I hate them, but the houses look awesome!