Monday, June 13, 2011

Aiden | 1 year old

Aiden is ONE!!!! Aiden is my cousin's little boy and I was so excited when she contacted me to do his one year photos. I can't believe he is already one! He has sure changed a lot since I took their family photos in October. Aiden looks so much like his mom did when she was little....and I am in love with his big blue eyes!!


Seriously....look at those eyes! They are even amazing in black and white!!

Aiden & Abbie.....

Alex, Aiden, and Abbie......

I was so excited to try a cake smash session with Aiden. At first he was pretty excited, but you can tell by the photo collage below that he quickly changed his mind and wasn't too sure about the cake.

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Deb said...

Those eyes are gorgeous! Love the cake pictures!