Saturday, July 07, 2012

Annie & Ellie | Newborn twin photography

I was so excited to find out my cousin, Lori and her husband Joe were going to be having twin girls and offered to take newborn photos for her.  I travelled to their home in Urbana last week when the twins were 2 weeks old to take their photos.  Of course Jenna tagged along with me!!   They are absolutely perfect and so tiny!  Jenna and I were in baby heaven....there was always a baby to hold and we didn't have to share!    I've already informed Lori that I will be back to take photos soon!  I can't wait to see these two sweet baby girls again!

Elliette Jane (Ellie)

Annika Willow (Annie)

Seriously - does it get any sweeter than this???  ♥

Ellie was wide awake during the first part of the photo session and later fell asleep to cuddle with her sister.

Annie was so sweet and sleepy.  Love how it looks like she has a little grin on her face!

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