Friday, June 30, 2006


We had to celebrate Jenna's birthday early since we will be in Texas on her actual birthday (July 2nd). Yesterday she had a small party with a few friends. They had a good time doing lots of princess activities - decorating wands and crowns, playing "pin the crown on the princess", watching a princess movie, and eating "magic wand cookies". The highlight of her party was getting a phone call from Cinderella! (Thanks Aunt Brenda and Marcus!!) She was amazed that Cinderella knew her name and how old she was!! Later we had family and friends over to celebrate her birthday once more. We grilled burgers and hotdogs, had pink cupcakes, ice cream, and more magic wand cookies. Jenna got lots of fun "girlie" gifts - Barbies, Barbie clothes, a Barbie house, DVDs, roller skates, and lots more! Thanks to everyone for the great gifts and for celebrating with Jenna!!

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Jessica said...

Hi! I hope you had a good trip. Way to go on dragging your sisters in the blogging world. We need to hi-jack Kara, Lori, and Lisa now!