Sunday, June 25, 2006

A new outfit....and lots of photos!

Jacob recently got a new outfit at Old Navy that he loves - plaid shorts and a brown t-shirt. I have a feeling he thinks he's pretty "cool" in the I suggested we take some photos of him wearing it. He was all excited! Of course Jenna wanted to participate too, so I dressed her in similar colors and we headed off in search of somewhere new to take photos. We found such a great spot! It's a little alley between buildings on Main Street in town. We took over 150 photos just walking up and down the alley - and they all turned out great! I can't wait to use this spot for some other photos in the future. After I loaded the photos onto the computer and looked through them I couldn't believe how grown-up Jacob looked. What happened to the little boy that used to live with us?? Here are a few of my favorites from Thursday. I was really happy with how the all turned out and can't wait to enlarge and frame some for our house.


Jessica said...

Wow! Jacob really does look grown up...definitely not little boy at all!

Dad C. said...

Cool photos! I see you have Brenda and Jill addicted. We enjoyed seeing all the photos.

Glad your home.

Dad C.