Saturday, September 22, 2007

A quick update from us....

We're still here...staying busy...and neglecting the blog! I thought I'd better post a quick update before I start my Saturday morning errands.

  • The kids' activities have all started back up and are in full swing - soccer, piano, and Mustard Seeds (Children's church group) for Jacob and dance for Jenna. Jacob decided to not participate in boy's choir this year - he just felt like he was involved in too many things along with increased homework in 4th grade. It was hard for him to choose which activity to give up.
  • We spent last Saturday at BGSU with 2 sets of neighbors. The son of one of neighbors, Craig, runs cross country for OU, so we went up to BG to watch his meet. The weather was perfect....and he ended up finishing in 1st place. YAHOO! In fact, the first place finisher for the girls also is a VW graduate. That was kind of neat. After the race we went to eat at Pollyeyes (no Myle's for me this trip...I was bummed) and then a trip to SBX so I could buy some new BGSU gear. I got a fun new hooded sweatshirt - dark grey w/hot pink letters - a little different from the usual brown/orange - Jacob got a cool brown/orange long sleeve tshirt, and Jenna got a hooded sweatshirt (pink, of course). Then we went shopping in Perrysburg. The guys (minus Jacob) all went golfing. Photos from our BG trip will be coming soon!
  • Last Sunday, Jenna and I made a trip to Urbana for my cousin Lori's baby shower. We had a great time visiting with everyone and "oohing" and "ahhing" over all her cute gifts. Jenna broke out in hives during the shower....but Uncle Tom came to the rescue with Benadryl. She also broke out in hives on Friday at school. Not sure what's going on with that. Photos from the shower coming VERY soon (I promise Lori!).
  • Monday I stayed home from school. I woke up feeling really dizzy. This is the 3rd time in 3 months this has happened. The dizziness wouldn't stop and was really frustrating, so I went to the dr. that afternoon...and made Chris drive me. After throwing out terms like "verticular dysfunction" and "labyrynthitis" and "nsytagmus", it turns out that I'm not making this up. I basically have fluid in my inner ears, which causes the extreme dizziness. There isn't much they can do for it, except to treat the underlying causes (allergies and sinus). So I have allergy pills, sinus spray, and anti-dizziness medication to take. Hopefully that clears this up because I hate feeling like that.
  • Big news of the week: Becca is coming home next Friday (her birthday). We're all so excited!! Please continue to keep her in your prayers. I think the adjustment at home is going to be difficult for her as she tries to learn how to adapt at home.

I have lots of photos to share this week - our trip to BGSU, Lori's shower, photos from a fun photo "shoot" with Jenna. I need to get on the ball and get those editted and posted!!



Nancy G. said...

Well, tie you up and call you Grandma! That sounds just like what she experiences. I'm glad you've found the cause, at least, and I'll excuse your blogging deficit. It must be hard to type when you're falling off the chair! Thanks for sending the article on Becca. I hope all goes well with her return home.

Jill said...

So you're the one we're waiting on to post baby shower photos!! I'm waiting... I don't feel bad about not blogging because it seems everyone has been slacking... except Kara! ;)

Aunt Barb said...

Well ... I can't tell the bloggers to "do better",because lately I have been a bit of a slacker in blog reading & commenting. I hope to do better:)Inner ear dizziness! awful feeling! I truly empathize, and after 1 ambulance rescue from a mall, I carry antivert in my purse... just in case. So glad to hear that Becca is going home!

Amy said...

Antivert is what the doctor gave me, too...and it's in my purse so I will be prepared next time.