Saturday, September 08, 2007

VW County Fair

We didn't make it to the fair many times this year. The kids and I went on opening night so we could eat supper and walk around. Our whole family went back on Friday night for food, pony rides, the fun house, and then we checked out some of the animal barns. On Saturday, Jenna and I went with my friend Deb (who also happens to be Jenna's kindergarten teacher) and her son Gage to the cheerleading competition. Later Chris, Jacob, Deb's husband Mike, and her other 2 boys - Cade and Dane - met us and we let the kids ride some rides. Jenna is still at the age where she rides all the fun kiddie rides. Jacob is too big for those, but not quite brave enough to ride all the spinning and twirling bigger rides. He did go on quite a few rides with Cade, but he was pretty conservative in his choices.

Jenna and Gage on the dragon mini-coaster (They're in the second seat with their hands in their air!)

Jacob and Cade on the Musik Express- I lost track of how many times they rode this!

Jenna and Gage on the mini-ferris wheel

Dane, Cade, and Jacob on the giant slide
Jenna and Gage on the mini scrambler
Dane on the scrambler


Anonymous said...

3 times doesn't sound like "not many" at a fair to me! Those are cute pix! Looks like beautiful weather, too, or was it unbelievably hot?

Nancy said...

Oop, that was me. I forgot to sign my name.

Anonymous said...

Good fair pictures and good fair fun. Sorry we missed it. Actually I miss the fair food more than the rides!!! MOM

Amy said...

Sadly enough...I am addicted to the fair. I think it because I didn't grow up with one. So, we are usually there almost every day or night during the whole week it's here. We missed several days due to our Chicago trip and my strep throat though. Chris was fine with that though...he's not nearly as addicted as I am. :)