Sunday, May 25, 2008

{Morgan - Class of '08}

A couple weeks ago I spent Sunday afternoon with Morgan to take part 2 of her senior photos. Morgan's mom is Jacob's 4th grade teacher...and we had been trying to coordinate our schedules for a long time! She had her senior photos taken in the fall, but did not have any sports photos taken. Morgan plays volleyball and softball and sports are a big part of her high school memories. We spent a couple hours taking photos in Crestview's gym and softball fields, and then made our way to the bus barn. She wanted some photos taken on a school bus, since she has spent so much of her time in HS on a bus going to various athletic events. She kept saying that she didn't take good photos....but I think she was wrong! CONGRATULATIONS Morgan...and good luck at Bluffton!


Jill said...

Those look great... I like the idea of a bus shot! Was she happy with them?

Amy said...

She loved them - especially the bus ones! Her mom used one of the ones with the blue wall (softball dugout) and had me design graduation invitations. :)

Brenda said...

wow...those are great! i love the bus...that's really cool.