Monday, May 05, 2008

Stress Reliever

I am in the middle of writing my IEPs and could really use a stress reliever....and then a friend emailed me this. Perfect timing!

Stress here


Anonymous said...

IEPS ... hmm... I just get a lot of satisfaction from crossing each name off of the "to do" list and drawing a smile face on the file folder to show it is ready for the meeting :)Oh yes, school lunches at the Dairy Queen with a good friend really help, too! #s 89 and 90 are due next week; then I'll be IEP-free until next fall. Good luck with yours :) Aunt Barb

Amy said...

I agree...I get great satisfaction from crossing off each name on my list once the IEP is completed. I haven't tried the DQ lunches yet...I think I need to add that to my routine.

90 IEPs?? I guess I should stop complaining about writing 17!