Thursday, May 15, 2008


It took some convincing to get Chris to agree to dance classes for Jenna. When he finally agreed, he swore she would never do the dance competitions. But, a couple weeks ago Chris, Jenna and I spent all day in Columbus at Jenna's first competition. Her dance teacher asked her jazz class to come to one competition for experience. Jenna loved the whole day...especially since she was "chosen" (it was totally set up!) to stay and get the trophy at the end. She loved watching the "big girls" dance, too. I enjoyed watching the dancers, but felt a little out of my element in the dressing room. There were some hard-core dance moms in there and more makeup, glitter, hairspray, and false eye lashes than I have ever seen. Chris watched some of the dances, but spent a lot of time in the lobby grading papers. I just have one picture from the day (I forgot my good camera at home. I had no idea if I'd be able to take photos or not). I think this photo is proof that he would go again if she asked him. (PS Don't you love her baggy yellow go-go boots? I think we need to tighten those before her recital!)


aunt nancy said...

The 60s rule! I love that costume. I never could wear those big headbands. Where's her spray tan? I'll bet you saw so,e of that, too.

Brenda said...

he's there...that's a start..he'll be an official cheer dad by high school for sure. i used to hear my cheerleaders tell me that their dads only came to see ONE event a year and they had to tell them which one. That's sad. Suck it up and go dad!!!