Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Love this girl....

I was so excited when Cheryl moved back to NW Ohio. She had been in Chicago for the past 2 years and I really missed our times together. Since she got home, we have been getting together at least once a week - sometimes more - just to hang out, scrap, antique shop or whatever we feel like doing on that particular day. When I stop and think of all the ways we are different, I am sometimes amazed that we are such good friends.

She is 20 something ...I am 30 something.
She is hair with a red streak...I am hair with subtle highlights.
She is getting ready to be a first time mom....I am a mom to a 7 and 11 year old.
She is antiques and thrift store finds....I am more contemporary and modern.
She is Mt. Dew....I am Diet Pepsi.
She is mix-and-match....I am matchy-matchy.
She is bright, vibrant colors....I am more subdued colors.
She is spontaneous....I am carefully planned out.
She is creative and artsy....I am symmetrical and more reserved.

But regardless of all those differences a friendship developed and we just clicked. We both are obsessed with photography and scrapbooking. We both love to explore antique and vintage stores. We both love Sonic. We both text each other, just to check on the other one. We both love our families more than anything. We both can spend a ton of money in Archivers. We both have fibromyalgia and deal with the same pain and exhaustion. We both want to be amazing moms.

Cheryl - THANKS for making my summer a little more fun. I really needed some "Amy time" this summer.


cheryl said...

awwww!!! you totally made me have no idea how amazing your timing is here. i was just thinking all the same things.
i really think you should just retire so that we can do this all the time! :D
thanks for an awesome summer...i would have never made the transition so well without you. love you!

Jessica said...

This is so sweet! You guys look like you have lots of fun times =) And I love that you specifically mention Sonic drinks. I personally have never had one, but everyone here (well, the Americans that is!) talk about them all the time! It's on my "things to do when I return" list, for sure! And I'll have to make sure to do it with a friend, because it looks way more fun that way =)

Lisa said...

I finally got caught up on your summer!