Thursday, August 07, 2008

We are family....

On Sunday we had a Lehman family get together at my cousin Denise's house. We were celebrating a mix of occasions- anniversaries and birthdays. They live in the country and have a great farm house with lots of land and all the fun stuff - a pond, a trampoline, a 4 wheeler, rock band, and corn hole. We spent the day eating , talking, and playing. The kids were in the pond most of the day....and when they weren't, they were carrying around one of the barn kitties. Jenna was pretty sure we were taking one home with us...but that just didn't happen. THANKS to Denise and Roger for having all of us at their house for the afternoon. We had a great time!!

Jenna and her kitty - she really, really wanted to take this one home and spent most of the day carrying it around Jacob and Devin battling on the float in the pond. Seeing them out there really brought back memories of my cousins, sisters, and I doing the same thing at John and Nancy's pond when we were younger.
Lori and Quinn.....right before I took this photo, Quinn was looking right at me...and then he turned as I took the photo. I still like how it turned out though.
Jacob and Devin's "muck monster" . Brenda and Jill.....does this bring back memories of the "muck" in John and Nancy's pond???
Baby Quinn.....I could sit and take photos of him all day. He has the silliest expressions and is such a good baby!

Mom and Aunt Barb playing cornhole (Jill....this is cornhole). They were quite entertaining to watch. :)

Their opponents....Aunt Becky and Aunt Nancy....
Deb and Howie playing poker.....It is good to see that trademark Deb smile on her face again.
Steve and Austin playing "hillbilly golf" (at least that's what we call it). Jill....I'm betting you don't know about this game either. You really need to make a trip back to Ohio so we can teach you all these fun games. favorite photo of the day. The story is too long to write. Let's just say that if you have a stuffed bear in your bedroom then you're just asking for it to be messed with. :)


~Lori said...

Great pictures! Thanks for not taking one of me on the ground when I broke the swing.
haha. I'm still laughing at that.

Jill said...

Don't miss the muck, but do miss the fun family get togethers! Quinn reminds me of Luke's 1 year photos you took - I think it's the similar colors of his outfit.

aunt nancy said...

I thought that pond looked inviting until I saw the muck monster. By the way, Sudsy's friends have another name for that "hillbilly golf" game.