Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday shares....

Just thought I'd share two fun things I found on the internet this week while I was blog-stalking. That's truly one of my favorite things about checking out other people's blogs....I find some links to some fun websites.

1. Crockpot 365 - This blog has a new crockpot recipe a day for a year. I love my crockpot, especially once school starts. There is nothing like coming home and having your house smell yummy and knowing supper is done! I plan to spend some time on this blog today and print off some new recipes to share.

2. This commercial I saw on TV. It just made me laugh....maybe because Jenna is constantly cheering and I could see her talking her dad into helping her out.

Have a good weekend. Brenda and Jill - hope you don't get too wet from Ike. We finally have some rain here. I'm excited about a rainy Saturday. I plan to get things done around the house this morning and spend the rest of the day scrapping or reading.

Be sure to check back this week for photos from a recent family shoot I did and photos of our newly redecorated living room!


aunt nancy said...

I will definitely tell Sudsy about the recipe blog. Cute commercial. Do you believe dad's have to be told to be involved? That's a sad commentary on our society.

Jill said...

that commercial is too funny! we got a drizzle... that's it! i was hoping for a good rain.