Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sprinkles, and icing, and cookie dough....OH MY!

Last week I did my first holiday baking. In the past I have made a lot and usually spend a whole day doing baking, but this year I am trying to spread it out more and do a little in the long run I am less stressed and a lot healthier! Cheryl and London came over last Wednesday and made cut-out cookies (I'm sure they are technically called sugar cookies, but we have always called them cut-out cookies. My mom's recipe even says "cut out cookies" on it. Maybe it's a term just from our family though - like dippin eggs.). I mixed up a double batch of dough and then we spent the next few hours cutting out cookies, baking them, and decorating with lots of frosting and sprinkles (the sprinkles were Jenna's job). Of course we found a plenty of time to sample the dough, icing, and finished cookies along the way! I discovered that is a lot more fun to bake with someone else - especially when that someone else washed all my dishes when we were finished!! Now that is true friendship!

UGH - this photo makes me look 100% unattractive...but I decided to be brave and post it anyhow. Seriously - look at my hair and my squinty, beady eyes. What was I thinking when I asked Chris to take a photo of me looking like that???


Jill said...

We will do our cut out cookies this weekend hopefully... can't wait! they are my favorite. could care less if i bake anything else, so may not bother, but these i can't live without! by the way, the word verification I have to type to post this is "snumbals." what on earth??

aunt nancy said...

I don't know, Jill, but I hope it's not contagious. We always called them cut-outs, too, and I haven't made them in years. It's not as much fun without someone to help decorate. I've been craving them, too. Yours look really yummy! Doesn't Jacob get in the act?

Amy said...

Jacob was at basketball practice. I could send him to Huron to help you though!!

~Lori said...

We call them cut-out cookies too. they're my favorite, but i never make them...i hate the mess clean-up...there's always flour and frosting and sprinkles everywhere.
Maybe I'm just a messy baker.
So I just eat them when other people make them! They look really yummy.

cheryl said...

so so much fun! thanks again for having us! :)
p.s. i just posted about this too...then i came over here and found this. :)

tara pakosta said...

we call them cut outs and dippin' eggs too LOL!
glad you had fuN! i am so happy cheryl has yoU! you are an awesome friend!