Saturday, December 20, 2008

A very long 31 hours. . .

Friday morning we woke up bright and early and discovered we had a 2 hour delay, so I headed back to bed. About an hour later I noticed that our house was extra quiet - the power had gone out!! The ice storm that was predicted did indeed hit Van Wert, and left ice everywhere, causing most of the power in town to go out. 31 hours later, at 2:00 this afternoon, it FINALLY came on. The four of us proceeded to do that happy- we- finally- have -electricity dance and immediately started taking advantage of it once again. I took lots of ice photos that I will share as soon as I have a chance to upload them, but in the are some of my ponderings while sitting in the cold house for 31 hours without electricity.

1. " Thomas Alva Edison is the greatest American hero" - quote made by my neighbor, Bob. I have to agree with him.

2. I would not make a good Amish person. I just like my electricty way too much.

3. We have awesome neighbors. We had one neighbor share his generator so our basement wouldn't flood. Another neighbor's dad came and scraped all the ice off our driveway with his backhoe. We also spent 4 hours with our neighbors last night, eating pizza and playing Apples to Apples by candlelight.

4. The money we spent on the gas insert for our fireplace was the best money spent this year.

5. Spending money on a generator is probably a very good idea for the future.

6. A dimly lit house without electricity makes me very sleepy. Taking a 2 hour nap was a very good way to pass the time.

7. Even though the electricity was out for 31 hours, we still flipped light switches every time we walked into a dark room. We are creatures of habit.

8. Bathrooms without windows are no fun in the dark.

9. Despite what Chris thinks, you do not need electricity to flush the toilet.

10. I become increasingly more grouchy as each hour with electricy passes by.

11. I think we heard the Hallelujah Chorus when the electricity came back on.


Jill said...

And then when the power went out again... what did you do??
Didn't we all make fun of mom once about the toilets working when the power was out? Glad you didn't freeze to death.

aunt nancy said...

Ours was only out for a few hours, but it was still annoying. I always turn on the light switches out of habit then feel like an idiot. I'm glad you have such great neighbors and were still able to be ready for your Covey party. We missed all of you yesterday. Enjoy your remaining Christmas celebrations!

Jodi said...

I actually went over to my folks place, who had electricity, for the weekend. Their neighbors are all amish, and I asked one of them Friday nigth to babysit so I could be an adult and go see a non animated movie. I suddenly found myself in an odd conversation explaining to this amish family how I was visiting the family since we were out of electricity and wanted to go see the new Keanu Reeves flick. hahahaha, when we got home from the movies the kids were coloring in the nearly in the dark - she hadnt turned any lights on that weren't already on. So I certainly wouldn't make a good amish person either.

cheryl said...

" Thomas Alva Edison is the greatest American hero"
you totally should have come watched old movies with me and stayed here. i seriosuly would have given you guys my bed!