Thursday, December 18, 2008

What to do, what to do???

FINALLY a snow day! We had our first 2 hour delay of the year yesterday and this morning woke up to another one. I was surprised, since we had no new snow or ice over night, but gladly turned off the alarm and went back to sleep for a while. Imagine my surprise when I checked the computer at 8:15 and discovered an email that said CLOSED for the day. Chris didn't even believe me. So....what should I do with my day?

-Wrap gifts?
-start book #2 of the Twilight series?
-bake Christmas goodies?
-call Grandma L and see if I can go over early to make caramels with her (I am supposed to go tonite)?
-catch up on shows I have DVR'd?
-or just plain be lazy?

So many choices....and I'm loving the fact that I actually have all day to make a decision. :)


aunt nancy said...

I am so glad I didn't have to make any of those choices. I got very excited when I saw our windows getting iced over Tuesday evening and woke up before the alarm Wed., but we had school. Now they're teasing me about Friday. How sweet would that be? I took Tues. off to go see Grandma, then had 1/2 day this morning to temporarily fix a tooth that will need a crown eventually, so I shouldn't whine, but...

Jodi said...

How does one manage a choice to be lazy with kids home too? :) Hope you're enjoying your day! I was shocked at school closing, but fully anticipate no school tommorrow. (did the district get the weather reports confused? lol) My kids are so thrilled, lol.

Anonymous said...

My school was delayed and then cancelled yesterday, too :) I turned on Christmas music and sang(& danced) my way through wrapping
giftes, addressing cards, running a few loads of laundry,doing some local shopping, and then going shopping out of town with Tom in the evening. Nice day! Aunt Barb

~Lori said...

Oh my gosh. Please tell me you chose to go early to make caramels and you are bringing me some! :)

I want to learn how to make those...after you learn, you can teach me.

Jill said...

I can proudly say I made good caramels last year! I am making nothing this year but the cut outs. No time, no energy. No snow day here, ever. And in a way I'm glad since we'd have to give up a future day off to make it up!