Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bring on summer....

School is officially out for summer and I am ready for summer vacation mode to set in! We celebrated at Rocky Top with last day of school ice cream (a little tradition we have) and then went to Jacob's baseball game. This morning I slept in - bliss!!

So....bring on summer ....

-lots of sunny, hot days
-baseball games
-swimming at our neighbor's pool
-dinner on the patio
-a visit from my sisters and my nieces and nephew
-trips to RockyTop for ice cream
-playdates with friends
-watermelon and strawberries
-staying up late
-lots of grilling
-flip flops
-pink lemonade
-a week at the beach with friends
-a freezer stocked with popsicles
-bike rides
-sleeping in
-a relaxed schedule
-reading lots of good books
-sidewalk chalk and bubbles


Deb said...

Yeah!!!! I am very ready for summer! We opened the pool today and boys can't wait to use it.

Jill said...

i'd post my list, but i still have a week left of school.

aunt nancy said...

Well, Jill, I've got 2 weeks. Guess I won''t vote to start after labor Day again.

cheryl said...

and one month with me!!! :D :D