Saturday, May 09, 2009

Six on Saturday......

Just a few things that are making me happy ......

1. Google reader.....thanks to Rebekah, I have discovered google reader. If you are a blog stalker like me, then you need to check this out. Love it!

2. Change of Heart....the latest book I'm reading. My neighbor just read it and is letting me borrow it. I love Jodi Piccoult and this one is really good.

I also just finished this book I got from Bob and Celesta for Christmas. A quick read and very funny - especially with my HGTV addiction. LOVE that it's almost summer, which means lots of time for reading!

3. Grey's Anatomy....I just knew Meredith and Derek wouldn't get married - but how can I be mad at them when they gave their wedding to Izzy and Alex instead? Of course I sat there and cried as he gave his vows.

4. This you tube video....I know this poor boy just had dental surgery and it's not really a funny situation, but it just made me laugh.

5. FLOWERS! I bribed Chris and Jacob to come with me last night to buy flowers for all my outdoor flower spots. We went to my favorite nursery and then to Buffalo Wild Wings (their bribe). Now if only the wind would stop so I can get outside and plant them.

6. Midnight Truffle Blizzard from Dairy Queen - total chocolate overload, but I love it!!

And one thing that is NOT making me happy right now....IEPs! I have IEP conferences on Monday and Wednesday, so I'm spending my Saturday writing reports. Luckily the weather isn't very nice, so I don't mind being inside all day. My goal is to finish them today because I REFUSE to spend my Mother's Day writing IEPs. That's just wrong.


Jodi said...

Yes, NO IEPs on Mother's Day!!! It is forbidden in the sacred book of mother's day laws. So there, now you can't even think of them. :) Happy mother's day Amy!!! Enjoy your new flowers!!!

aunt nancy said...

I read Change of Heart and thought it was good, and I was happy with Grey's last week, too, altho' the deal with conjuring Denny so they could locate her tumor was pretty bizarre. Get through the IEPs 'cause then it's all downhill, and it's flip flops every day! Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day!

Brenda said...

I cried my eyes out over Grey's Anatomy and was a little sad still the next day at work. Sad.

cheryl said...

oh my gosh. that video was HYSTERICAL. seriously. londers wanted to get up early this morning so we just keep watching it over and over and laughing so hard.
and now i'm hungry for one of those blizzards. thanks alot.