Friday, March 25, 2011

NYC - Nate Berkus Show & a Friday Morning Walk

Before we went to NYC, I got online and requested tickets to a taping of the Nate Berkus Show. I have always been a fan of his from his Oprah appearances and thought it would be fun to go see a live show taping. The other 2 chaperones and I headed to the CBS studio on Wednesday morning for the show. We started off in a tiny room where they had us sign a release form so we could appear on TV and eventually were lead downstairs to the set. It was much smaller than I thought it would be. We ended up getting seated in the middle section. For the first 30 minutes or so they explained how everything would work and then had us tape various audience "reactions" - a quiet golf clap, a loud enthusiastic clap, our surprised look, our "oh...what a great idea" look, our "I see where you're coming from" look, and lastly an extra excited, tons of clapping, standing ovation. So fun! Nate was a cutie-patootie and seemed so down to earth. We watched approximately 8 segments of the show being taped. We saw a family room makeover, a cheesecake bake off , a cooking segment, a segment with tips from Nate, and a segment of him interviewing the editor of Architectural Digest. During the cheesecake bake off Buddy Valastro - the "Cake Boss" came out as a surprise guest and judged the cheesecakes. He then stayed for a second segment and made his grandmother's lasagna. So fun to see him in person...and we got a Cake Boss DVD and book!! The whole experience was too fun and it was so neat to see a taping of a TV show. Unfortunately, the Nate Berkus show isn't on Ft Wayne or Lima TV stations. My parents get the show on a Cleveland station, so my Mom is going to try to DVR it for us. Our episode isn't set to air for another week or so....I'll be sure to post a message when it's going to air. In the meantime, if you want to check and see where you can watch the Nate Berkus Show check here.

Before the show we were able to snap a few pictures. Unfortunately, we weren't able to take any photos during the show - so no photos of Nate or Buddy. So bumed!! Here is a picture of the set before the show. The section to the left (where the 2 men are standing and talking) was changed for each segment - it was a mock up of a family room, a kitchen, and later a comfy seating area where he did an interview.

One more shot of the set - I loved how all the "off camera" spots were decorated.
On Friday morning I did something I have never done while in NYC....I took a couple hours and walked around the area near our hotel by myself. I did some shopping for the kids (a Jimmy Fallon t-shirt at the NBC store for Jacob and American Girl doll clothes for Jenna). Later I walked back to a restaurant (totally want one in VW!) where Chris and I had eaten a light supper the night before and got another one of their yummy cream sodas (seriously - the best cream soda I've ever had) and then walked around just taking my time and snapping photos.

The view as I stepped outside our hotel. Friday was a gorgeous day - sunny, blue skies, and 70 degrees!

Rockefeller Center....

Photos snapped as I walked down 52nd St.

After I got home and started looking through my pictures, I realized how many fire escape photos I took. In my fantasy life I want to live in NYC in a building with a fire escape.

Chris and I saw this sign the night before when it was all lit up, glowing red...very intimidating. LOL

One of the streets in Hell's Kitchen....tons of different ethnic restaurants. We even saw an Amish Market. When we went in it was all middle eastern people working and they sold alcohol- too funny!

53rd Street ....and more fire escapes!

Loved this random little church in the middle of 5 story buildings on 53rd St. It totally reminded me of a church you'd see in San Antonio, Tx.... View down 8th Ave. ....

I love all the water towers on top of buildings....Graffiti....

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