Friday, March 04, 2011

William | 5 months old

William is the brother of one of my ESL students. You may remember that we were invited to celebrate his one month birthday with his family and friends back in October. I visit with their family each week as I drop Amy off from after school tutoring and recently his mom asked if I would take some more photos of him so she can send them to China.

I am amazed by what a good baby William is. He rarely cries and is content to just lay in his crib and watch everything around him. While typical Americans spend lots of money on all the baby "must haves" - toys, mobiles, bouncy seats, baby gyms, swings, exersaucers, bumbo seats, etc, William is content with what he has - a few hand me downs and some garage sale finds. His family is much more simple than the typical American family - including mine - but they are so content. It's definitely a humbling experience each time I step into their small 4 room apartment. I am also amazed how William's mom can swaddle him in blankets and lie him down in his pack-n-play without a peep from William. I've also walked up to his crib to find him lying there bright eyed and awake without making a sound. I definitely needed some lessons from his mom when I was learning to let my babies "cry it out" each night. UGH! I have also seen Williams mom trying to potty train him already. I know...I was shocked....but after reading some things online found out that it is very, very common for them to be potty trained before they are a year old. It's been so interesting learning about the Chinese culture from this family, and this is just another part of that.

William is usually so smiley, but on the day I took his photos he was too interested in my camera to give me many smiles. I still think he is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Just look at those big dark eyes, those cheeks, and that sweet little mouth.

If you look back at the pictures from his one month celebration, he is wearing this same hat. The Chinese writing says "Good Boy"
No...this was not a prop. That is one of the few "toys" William owns.

His grandmother in China knit this hat for him and Mom wanted to be sure to include it in the pictures!


Anonymous said...

William is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!

Becca Strickler

Deb said...

What a beautiful baby!