Saturday, March 26, 2011

NYC - Soho, China Town, Little Italy, Financial District

Friday was our last day in the big city. After a quick lunch, we took the subway to Soho. We walked down Spring Street, but didn't take much time to stop at any of the fun boutiques we passed. There were 7 high school girls who had one thing on their mind....finding the DASH store. (DASH is the Kardashian's store and is featured on their latest reality show).

There was a line to get into the store (it's really small), so the girls hopped in line. I ended up going into the store with them just to check it out. The girls were really hoping one of the Kardashian's would be in the store, but no luck.
In the meantime, Chris made friends with the security guy outside the store.
We took some time to browse a few more boutiques and then walked three blocks to ChinaTown. I loved the area between Soho and Chinatown - such neat buildings, a brick paved street, and of course fun fire escapes!
This building was my favorite! I loved all the columns!

A new favorite picture....just not sure if I like it better in color or b&w!

LOVE - brick street, fire escpes, cute street lamps, and fun architecture!

Hmmm....doesn't everyone knit a sweater for their bike???

Chinatown! I was excited to visit ChinaTown again....not just for the knock-off purses, but also to see the culture since I've been tutoring Chinese -English speaking students for the past year and a half.

The purse bartering was totally different this time. Apparently the police cracked down, so we didn't get to visit any hidden rooms or basement hide aways this time. We had to walk a couple blocks off Canal Street and then we found women who had photos of the purses to show us. They would send someone to get the purse while we waited. Unfortunately, most of my waiting was spent right in front of this fresh seafood market. Yuck! The fish was still flopping around on the ice!
Later we waited in front of this market....whole, featherless chickens. Yum!

After all the bartering and bargaining was done, we walked to Little Italy for dinner. I loved this little cannoli stand.

We ate Sofia's and it was amazing! Delicious italian food!!
Our group (minus Chris)..... The view down Mulberry St (Little Italy) with the Empire State Building in the background...

After dinner we walked "about 6 blocks" (as the police man told us....actually it was more like 26 blocks!) to Ground Zero .
The Woolworth Building....
Ground Zero changes so much each time we visit NYC. On my first visit (2002), it was still pretty much a disaster site and they were still clearing away debris piece by piece. Several of the buildings near by still had broken windows and extensive damage. There were still numerous memorials and people paying their respects. Each time it looks less and less like a disaster site and more and more like new construction. For me, it's hard to believe it has almost been 10 years since 9/11. The students with us were only in 1st or 2nd grade when 9/11 happened!
They have started construction on the first tower, which will be the tallest building in the US when it is completed. The 9/11 memorial is set to open in September 2011. Four more towers are also being built. You can see more here.
The new WTC tower 1....
This building was right across the street - I love that they had the huge flag displayed and still pay respects to 9/11....
Tired, but happy shoppers waiting for the subway back to the hotel....
Had to shoot this photo....Chris looked like a homeless man carrying my black bag of ChinaTown purchases and waiting for the subway....
Walking back to the hotel we noticed how big and bright the moon was. One of the chaperones reminded us of the song "When you get caught between the moon and New York City....."


Brenda said...

Where's photos of your china town purchases? I wanna see!

Jill said...

I think I like the color pic over the black and white... just my opinion! And what is up with the bike sweater??? that is hilarious!