Wednesday, July 20, 2011

David & Kelly | Engaged!!

Within a weeks time, two of my cousins got engaged. Kyle was the ringbearer in our wedding and he got engaged to Emily (see post below). Kelly was the flower girl in our wedding and she got engaged to David. It was so fun to get the news from both of them.....and I was really excited when they both asked me to do engagement photos for them. Even more fun is that their weddings are going to be a day apart - June 22 and June 23, 2012!!! It will be a wedding filled weekend!!!

I met Kelly and Dave in Ottawa last week for some engagement photos. We started off in my Uncle's backyard, then headed to Dave's house, and then started our tour of Putnam County....stopping at all the awesome places Kelly had picked out!!

CONGRATULATIONS Kelly & Dave! I can't wait to photograph your wedding!! And can ask to look at the photos I shoot at your wedding anytime. I don't mind. :)

My favorite doesn't get much better than hay bales, cowboy boots, and sunflare!

Lola - Kelly's dog - even made a few appearances in photos. It's hard to see, but she even had on a matching Detroit Tigers jersey!

LOVE this one! I would want it printed HUGE for my house!! Kelly has had this particular spot picked out for photos for a long, long time!

My Uncle Tony even got into picking out photo spots - He told us we had to use this awesome tree on the golf course.

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