Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Texas Adventures - part 1

I love our Texas visits! Jenna and I rode to Texas with my Mom and Dad and stayed for almost 2 weeks. Chris and Jacob flew down half way through our visit for 5 days. We had lots of fun visiting, letting the kids play, shopping, and eating yummy food. I have lots of fun photos to share - including a photo session with the whole Davis family!!

Jill's friend lives on a ranch and invited us to come bottle feed baby goats. It's the same ranch we visited last summer where Jenna got to ride a horse and fell in love with the cutest little dog!

This calf greeted us on our way to the ranch. Believe it or not, this is their "driveway". Gorgous!!!
She only had 2 bottles so the kids had to take turns. The goats were so tiny and friendly - the kids loved them!!

The tiniest one.....the girls just loved this baby goat!!

The cousins (minus Jacob and Marcus) posing at the ranch.....

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