Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Corn Maze

Every year our school hosts a family night at a Kernel Cooper's Corn Maze. Last night was the annual event, so our whole family headed to the corn maze. The weather was perfect - not too hot, not too cold, and no rain! We got there early enough to eat (hotdogs, donuts and cider) and then began our adventure through the maze with our friends, the Chiles'. We only went through a portion of the maze. This year it is shaped like Mt Rushmore (click here to see an aeriel view of the actual maze we went's fascinating!) and we traveled through Jefferson and Roosevelt. We were able to find all 6 check points and make it back out without too much trouble (and without losing any children), thanks to our fearless leaders Chris and Mike. It was a little muddy in the maze, so we all had muddy shoes and jeans when we were done...but everyone still had a great time.

Jenna playing in the corn bin (I guess it's the corn maze's version of a sandbox)
Jenna and Dane
Jacob and Cade
Jacob and Jenna

Children of the corn


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Glad to hear you did make it through Roosevelt. Sounds like a fun night. MOM

Jill said...

That always sounds so fun, and so "fall"! I'm just getting over summer still here, so the thought of corn and cider and pumpkins seems so far away! We just layed new sod in our yard a week ago, and got sunburned in our shorts!

~Lori said...

That looks so fun!! I've always wanted to go through a corn maze (or is it a maize maze?) It seems like it's a-maize-ing. How long can I make these corny jokes? I'll give you an earful at least.

OK really. I've got to stop myself.
It really does look like a great time and I really have always wanted to go through one; I'm all about any fall-ish activities.

Anonymous said...

What fun! Wish I could have been there.
Wasn't able to get into comments on your friends' pictures, but thoroughly enjoyed the slide show.
I think that a speciality in childrens' photography would be a wonderful retirement vocation or even a business on the side right now.