Tuesday, September 19, 2006

OKay, so sometimes I get a good one....

I thought I better be sure to put some good photos of Jacob on here to make up for the one ridiculous one! These were taken the same day as the other one. See...sometimes he cooperates and gives me a genuine, 9 year old boy smile. Looking at these photos I notice how much he's changed - he's lost that little boy look and is starting to look older. And sometimes he says and does the most amazing things. For example:

-When he heard Chris and I talking about Italian names for Jill's baby, he suggested "Pompeii" and asked me to leave a comment on her blog telling her. He stood watching me as I typed and proceeded to correct my spelling, telling me that "Pompeii" had 2 i's. Who knew??

-Random comment in the car the other day: "Mom, did you know that Timbuktu (I'm probably not spelling that right either) is a real place?" "No Jacob, I didn't." "Yep, it's in Mali and that's in Africa." So...I "googled" Timbuktu...and he's right. Again, who knew??

-He has the highest reading range in third grade at our school ...4.6-6.6 grade level (one of the perks of being a teacher is that I can check these things out...I never let him know, but it's kind of fun knowing for myself!)

-The other day we found a HUGE bee-like insect in our backyard crawling on the pears that had fallen off the tree. We killed it with wasp spray and put it in a container. He searched his bug dictionary and Yahooligans until he found out what it was....a baldfaced hornet (in case you were wondering!).

-Another random comment in the car coming home from school "Mom, do we have any stuff to do science experiments at home?" "I don't know Jacob...why?" "We've been learning about the scientific method and I just want to practice the steps at home."


Jill said...

Impressive! Too bad he can't come and be in Aunt Jill's class.. especially with the group I have this year. He'd really shine! :)

Nancy G. said...

Jacob's a great kid, and I love the second pix. His eyes are so sparkly!

Amy said...

You know what...those "sparkly" eyes are quite an accomplishment for me. In the photography world, those are called "catchlights" and it's my goal to get them in every photo...BUT, it's really, really hard to get catchlights in brown eyes, so I was pretty happy when I did get them. Thanks for noticing! :)

Jessica said...

Jacob is definitely a neat kid (notice I said "kid" for your sake, and not young man!). Those pictures are really sweet, but don't tell him I said that! However, you can ask him to say "Unique New York" five times fast! I had good times with him and Jenna, bonding over tongue twisters and phonemic awareness. Good times... =)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! ... and I think this boy is going to keep you "on your toes"! Are there any reruns of "Mr. Wizard" in syndication? Now speaking of the power of pictures...Today was school picture day at North, which has 15 classrooms of K, 1, 2 kids. School policy says "no pictures will be taken if student fees have not been paid" Between 8:00 and 8:35 this morning, parents lined up at the secretary's desk to pay fees. She collected $700! As a point of reference, a previous policy that "no report cards will be sent home if fees are not paid" had very little impact.
Aunt Barb
p.s. I wonder if there will be any catchlights in my photo.