Thursday, September 14, 2006

Drama Queen Part 2

Here are the rest of the photos of Jenna's expressions...I couldn't get them all to fit in one entry.
(see the explanation of these crazy photos in the entry below)
And yes, that last expression was done on purpose. She was trying to act surprised. :)


~Lori said...

And you think this drama might wear off by jr. high? Don't count on it! She'll be even more so! But it'll be so entertaining. I had a girl on the cheerleading squad that I coached who was a lot like Jenna...very dramatic, yes, but she was SO funny! Same thing, with the expressions and all, very animated. It's very entertaining! I laughed a lot with that girl.

~Lori said...
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~Lori said...

That's me, I deleted my own comment. I thought the first one didn't show up, because my computer is apparantly LD...turns out it did, so there was the same post, rewritten slightly different.... so I deleted it and now there's that.

Jessica said...

These are darling! They would definitely make a great collage. I'd have to say these are some of my favorites. What is the likelihood of getting the same shots of Jacob???=)

Amy said...

Somehow I just don't think I could get Jacob to do the same type of photos. I'm lucky to get a photo of him looking at the camera and smiling.

Brenda said...

The last "surprised" look is hilarious. She definitely needs to be a competitive cheerleader rather than a dancer- you've gotta have the looks. My cheerleaders used to stand in front of the huge dance room mirrors and practice their looks. Hilarious!