Thursday, September 14, 2006

Little Miss Drama Queen

Jenna has always been pretty dramatic....I think she likes to be a drama queen. She also has a million different expressions, and loves to practice them in the mirror. (Some of my favorite photos from Becca's wedding are of Jenna sitting in her chair at the salon making faces in the mirror while she was getting her hair done. It was quite entertaining.) When we were done taking the ladybug photos (see post below), the two of us sat in the grass and I started taking close up photos of her. She instantly started making all kinds of fun faces while I snapped away. I realized part way through that she could see her reflection in my lens, so she was being totally dramatic. When I uploaded the photos onto my computer, I loved them. They are so "Jenna". It will be fun to look back at them someday and remind her of how dramatic she used to be (hopefully the drama wears off by junior high and high school!). I can't wait to make a scrapbook page of these....or maybe a fun collage.

And so....I present.....the many faces of Jenna.... (I won't be able to put them all in one I'll have to add more later!)


Nancy G. said...

I just got around to checking your blog, & I love both sets. I'll bet her teachers are enjoying her. My fav - the wink!

Brenda said...

Remember when Carsyn discovered herself in your lense this summer? "I see me!" That still cracks me up.
I love these photos.

Anonymous said...

Love these! My favorite is the last--blowing the kiss. MOM