Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A day off school! HURRAY!!! I have been counting the days for a couple weeks now. excited to have 5 days off! I have a big to do list for the next five days and can't wait to get some of it done:

  • Sleep in (already accomplished that one...but I definitely plan on taking advantage of it daily!)
  • drag the Christmas decorations up from the basement
  • take a Christmas card photo of the kids
  • do some creating - stamping and scrapping
  • wait for the cable guy to come
  • sit around and "play" with all our new cable channels and DVR
  • start reading Twilight
  • watch more episodes of Friday Night Lights
  • decorate for Christmas
  • upload all my Christmas tunes onto my iPod . . . including my NEW Harry Connick Jr Christmas CD - can't wait to listen to that one!!
  • order Christmas cards
  • make some of these little ornaments with Jenna
  • watch some of the Holiday decorating shows that are on HGTV this weekend
  • RELAX!
  • take photos for the photography class I am taking
  • start our Christmas countdown
  • start our trip to Texas countdown
  • take some photos to put on this's been photo-less for 2 posts now! Yikes!!


Brenda said...

how many days til texas? we can't wait to see you and we really need some new family photos!
START reading Twilight? Where have you been? Hopefully Jill and I are going to see the movie on Friday.

Amy said...

29 days til Christmas....which means 30 days til Texas!

Anonymous said...

Just got our tree up and started to decorate. But I am way behind on everything else. I made one of those 3-D ornaments with the scallop punch last year at the cookie exchange. Have fun with them. MOM

~Lori said...

My advice: don't start Twilight until Sunday, otherwise you won't get anything else on your list done! It's an addicting book. :)
Enjoy your 5 days! We missed you at Turkey day.

aunt nancy said...

Are you sure you have time to relax with that list? I didn't see any shopping on there. I don't know if I'll go out today or not. Sure didn't' make it to the 4 AM sales. Enjoy these 3 days!