Saturday, November 08, 2008

{Pittner Family}

Vickie is one of my sister Jill's best friends from home. I took their family photos last year and she contacted me earlier this fall for a repeat session. In fact, we even went back to the same location in Stow. It is one of my absolute favorite places to take photos -I wish we had a place like it here! We had perfect weather, lots of fall leaves, and cute little boys dressed in cute sweaters. What more could you ask for?


Andrea* said...

Hi! Here is my set up~

But, for those particular photos, I just used my white background, and then bounced my speedlight directly behind me into a window. Are you on ILP? Love that place!

Andrea* said...

My link cut off... sorry. Just go to my January 2008 archive, and you'll see it there. HTH!

c. manz said...

these are GORGEOUS amy!! they must be so excited to have such amazing shots. you are awesome> have i mentioned that? ;)

aunt nancy said...

Beautiful colors, and what cute kids!