Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Tuesday....

....and that means my weekly get together with Cheryl and London. Last Tuesday I had to cancel since we still had flu germs spreading around our house. Instead I met Cheryl and London in Van Wert on Wednesday evening for some quick photos and then dinner at the Chinese restaurant. I love these photos from Wednesday. I really wish I would have had someone to take photos of me with Jacob and Jenna when they were itty bitty and brand new. I'm just so excited that Cheryl lets me cuddle with London and take tons of photos of him so I can get my weekly baby fix.


Brenda said...

awwww...his shirt is too cute...and so is he.
my pictures you took of me and the girls when they were tiny are still my favorites. i was bloated and tired, but so happy and so in love. they are priceless.

cheryl said...

WE SO LOVE OUR AMY DATES!! i am so lucky to have such an amazing friend. tuesdays are my favorite days!
and thank you again and again for the pictures. i love them so much. i'll cherish them forever. :)
love you!

Trenda said...

Hi, I'm Trenda from your photo class and I'm checking out classmates blogs. You have taken some beautiful pictures!