Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just us....

After several photos of family sessions, I decided to take a break and give a quick update on our family instead. . .

  • Basketball season has officially begun. Jacob is playing on a 5th grade team at the Y and has already had 2 games. Chris has been practicing for a little over a week and is fully into basketball coach mode. I always hate the beginning of the season adjustment and the end of the season burn-out the most. The middle isn't so bad (remind me of that in January!).
  • Thanks to Cheryl, I am fully addicted to another TV show. She came over last week and brought season one DVDs of Friday Night Lights. Why haven't I watched this show before? I am offically hooked!
  • I have started Christmas shopping...and really have a pretty good start. Jenna and I went last Friday and got quite a bit done. Chris and I are planning to go this weekend to do some shopping for the kids. Our weekends between now and Christmas are pretty busy due to basketball games, so we need to squeeze in the shopping whenever we can!
  • It is FREEZING here...and we have even had a dusting of snow on the ground and rooftops. I'm so not ready for cold weather and snow. Yuck!
  • The only good part about the cold and snow is using our fireplace. I absolutely love our new gas insert!
  • My most exciting news of the day . . . We just upgraded our cable, so we will finally have digital cable...and most importantly DVR. I'm so excited!!
  • As of next week at this time, we will be off school for 5 days. I CAN'T WAIT!!
  • I had an appointment with the rheumatologist on Monday. She said right away how much better I looked. She commented on how tired and exhausted I looked before. Basically things are a little better so I will continue the medicine I am on. I still experience achiness daily, but it is not as severe most days. There are times when it really gets bad, but if I continue to limit myself and take it easy then I do pretty well. She also prescribed an additional medication to help me sleep. I still have a hard time sleeping all night and still feel exhausted when it's time to wake up. Hopefully the side effects aren't too bad and I can actually take this one (the last one knocked me out!). I don't have to go back until March!
  • And a Jenna funny . . . Her teacher recently put out a telling notebook where the kids could write their "tattling" instead of constantly telling her. Jenna wrote in it yesterday and basically said "I can't go to the movie (PTO sponsors a movie the Saturday after thanksgiving) because my dad has a basketball game". Ummm....I don't think the notebook was meant for a place to tattle on your dad Miss Jenna!


Jodi said...

hahahaha... I hate to think what other kids must be saying about their families in their books (Chris included, lol)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the good report from the doctor. HOORAY for the DVR. Love the Jenna funny. I have watched FNL from the beginning but can't this year because it is only on one channel (?) and we don't get it. MOM

Jessica said...

I have never seen Friday Night Lights, but aren't full tv seasons on DVD wonderful?!?! And I love the Jenna story too. I love how kid's minds work!
Also, I'm really glad to hear that the doctor's report went well =)

Jill said...

well, you officially get luke's bed when you visit due to your aches and pains, so that's one positive to all this, right?? :) dvr is excellent, especially during bball season! you will wonder why you never had it. and can you now pause and rewind?

aunt nancy said...

No dvr, so I'll comment on the insert. Sudsy hasn't hooked ours up for the season. I guess he's waiting until it gets cold! Do you have a remote? I love that instant heat! Glad your dr. report was positive.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your dr report was positive! Cute Jenna story ... let us know if YOU make the book :) Sorry we won't see the Coveys at Thanksgiving or Christmmas :( Enjoy your family celebrations wherever you are!! Aunt Barb