Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We spent the three day weekend at my parents, which meant lots of visiting, eating, and relaxing.

Easter morning photo before church....Jacob has definitely outgrown the new Easter outfit phase!

Easter centerpiece made by Grandma and name tags made by Jenna

Grandma, Jacob and Jenna colored Easter eggs. I love that Jacob still isn't too old for stuff like that!

I spent lots of time reading. I started the fourth Twilight series book on Friday on the way to Stow and read 664 pages this weekend - only 90 more to go! I kind of get obsessed when I read and I just can't stop!

We visited Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson - YUMMY! They had so many different kinds to choose from - peanut butter chocolate for Jacob, chocolate with an icing flower for Jenna, and carrot cake with cream cheese icing for me!

Grandma D, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Sudsy, Jessica and Kyle came to visit on Saturday. It was so nice to catch up with them. I hadn't seen Jessica since she returned from Poland in December. It also gave me a chance to see Kyle before he leaves for North Carolina later this month.

Jacob, Jenna and Grandma D.

Grandma stayed with us last night. Mom, Grandma, Jenna and I watched the Sound of Music. Jenna loved it...and we all have been singing "Let's start at the very beginning...." all day!

As usual, we also managed to squeeze in a little shopping.

Jacob decided he wants to move to Stow. He says there are more things to do there and stores and restuarants are closer, plus there are hills.

Jacob and I had a talk yesterday the car. I knew he didn't believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny anymore, but he has never said I had to bring it up. It turns out he has known for a while, but I think he just didn't quite want to let go of the idea of Santa yet.

I had a photo session with my sister's friend, Vickie and her family - three adorable little boys. Of course I will be sharing photos when I get them editted. Jacob went along and occupied the older two boys with sword fights while I photographed newborn Benjamin.

And now I'm off to bed to read a few more pages before I crash! Once again, my weekend went by way too quickly and the alarm will be going off way too early tomorrow morning!!


Jodi said...

Ughhh... way too early this morning came, didn't it? I agree with Jacob about the hills. I miss hills. Hills rock! *snikker* get it? get it? Oh wow I'm lame today. Anyway, glad you had a lovely trip!

Jill said...

can't wait to see the boys' photos!! and i miss hills too... actually thought briefly about trying to go to virginia kendall (is that even the name of the place??) while in ohio!

Brenda said...

What do you mean...there is no Santa Claus??? Love the table display...very beautiful. Jenna looks just like you in the easter dress photo! I know what you mean about Jacob...The girls are all dolled up in dresses,ribbons, shoes, painted nails and Marcus just throws whatever on. I agree with Jacob about the hills...that's what I love most about our new home...Hills and trees.

Amy said...

Jenna looks like me??? Thanks - I never hear that!!

I was definitely more heart broken about the no Santa conversation than Jacob was.

aunt nancy said...

It was great seeing all of you. It is a reality check when your kids stop believing, but once they both did, it took a lot of stress away for me worrying that I'd get caught. Very cute picture with Grandma, too. Besides all the sports on Sun. (who are the programmers?), we enjoyed seeing "Bedtime Story" Sat. night. It was a little too absurd for Sudsy, so we had to explain he wasn't the target audience, but it was funny.

cheryl said...

can i become an OFFICIAL family member? because it all looks so fun...i want to be a part (and by that i mean i'm craving all the m&ms in that jar. jk! ;))
i'm kinda sad and proud about the whole santa and easter bunny thing with's so like him to just not say anything. i just adore him!
soooo...i'm dying to see those hills in stow. tax money. road trip. plan?
thanks again for tonight...i LOVE hanging with the coveys! :D