Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let's go fly a kite....

As soon as Jenna realized that Saturday was a windy day, she began asking me if I would take her to fly her kite. She had gotten a new kite from Becca and Ryan for Easter and was dying to try it out! As I was trying to decide where the best place to go fly a kite was, the dandelion field I had seen the day before seemed like a great option. Jenna's kite took off great, but Jacob's didn't do so well. It was definitely more than windy enough, but his kite just didn't want to cooperate. Is it possible that there could be too much wind for a kite? Jenna's kite was pretty strong in the wind, so I ended up helping her most of the time...but I did convince her to try it on her own long enough for me to snap some photos.

I know it's just dandelions, but this field was so pretty. I couldn't help but think of the poppy field scene from Wizard of Oz as we were standing in it.

Poor Jacob....he tried and tried, but his kite just wouldn't cooperate!

He eventually just gave up and sat down, which was the only was his kite would fly even a tiny bit!

PS I know it isn't quite as exciting as kite flying, but look what Chris got! You may remember the old mower from this post last summer. I think we should send it to the mower hall of fame.


Michelle said...

What beautiful colors in those pictures! Brock has been working on a kite for a class project and was having so much fun...until he tried it and it fell apart... so he can totally feel Jacob's pain!! Either way..what fun on a windy day!

Jill said...

yes, there can be too much wind. i took the kids out around a month ago on a day that could have been a tornado, and their kites wouldn't go up in the air because it was so windy. all we accomplished was breaking two brand new kites. i found out WICKED is coming to austin in august (your oz comment made me remember that)... need to find some people to go see it with me.

Brenda said... know I loved that old nostalgic lawn mower...but I am sure he is proud of the new one.
You needed dad to help with the kite situation...last year we couldn't get the girls' cheap kites to work so dad rigged them up...he said they didn't have good enough tails...something about kites being better when he was a kid.

aunt nancy said...

Love the blue sky! Sudsy and I just got back from moving K to NC and were shocked when we got on the turnpike at Rt. 8 to see how many bare trees we still have. Everything was so green and blooming there. I think the only time our kids ever flew a kite was at the ocean. That's another thing that Jessica thinks is over rated - kites, not the ocean. Chris seems to be enjoying his new toy.