Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekends just make me happy.....

...especially warm, sunny weekends like this one!! It makes me wish summer would hurry up and get here, so we can have warm, sunny, laid back days for 2 1/2 months straight!

Just a few things that made me happy this weekend. . .

wearing my flip flops again - I've missed them!

driving to Paulding with my windows down

spending the evening with Cheryl, which meant lots of visiting and some scrapping

getting to see London and take some photos outside (love the drool!)

sleeping in this morning

spending time outside getting our patio put back together and some plants trimmed

going to the carnival at school

going to the movies tonight - Hannah Montana for Jenna and I and Monsters vs Aliens for Chris and Jacob

steaks marinating tonight so they'll be ready to grill tomorrow after church

still squeezing in plenty of time to relax and DVR'd shows

AND...just one thing that is NOT making me happy this weekend - losing my voice for the third day in a row, which is the result of a cold/sinus infection that just won't go away. It's getting really old and irritating. I couldn't even sing along during the Hannah Montana movie. Maybe tomorrow it will be back to normal.


Michelle said...

Sure sounds like a nice weekend...we saw Hannah Montana and Kenzie sang along the whole time (I might have a little too!). Your toes sure look cute! Enjoy the rest of your evening...and your steaks tomorrow!

Jill said...

that is some good drool in that photo!

cheryl said...

so glad we got to get together a little friday night...thanks again for helping me organize. i don't feel so crazy anymore with all the random piles. :)
i totally cracked up that you couldn't sing along to hannah montana. really? that's the worst part about losing your voice?! lol!
hope you feel better soon.
oh! and yay for flip flops! i'm totally going to buy some this week. :)

aunt nancy said...

With Ohio spring comes hope - and despair now! Oh well, it's supposed to be in the 70s by the end of the week, as we count it down in 5 day increments. I hope your voice comes back, and for what it's worth, I couldn't sing along with H.M. either.